Creating Meaningful Customer Engagements

We give staff the tools to create memorable customer experiences through efficient, effective, and powerful apps.

CXOrder is a frontier-based extension designed for Canadian Tire ordering.

With CXOrder, you are given active ordering suggestions and product metrics seamlessly on Frontier; you gain real-time insights into your product assortment, all with the goal of driving your store’s top-line sales while simultaneously decreasing your inventory costs.

CXBeacons are intelligent help buttons that effortlessly connect customers with the most suitable staff. This effective tool provides retailers with the tools to grow top-line sales, increase productivity and create lasting customer experiences.

Purchasing bulky items in retail can be challenging. CXExpedite simplifies this experience by efficiently managing the pick, pack, and load process, while keeping the customer informed through SMS notifications.

Our Products


  • Connects customers with the best available staff
  • Provides a simple way for customers to seek assistance
  • Creates meaningful customer interactions


  • Provides meaningful information directly on the ordering screen
  • Helps stores maintain the best assortment
  • Drives top-line sales
  • Reduces inventory
  • Streamlines ordering.


  • Simplifies the buying experience of large items
  • Efficiently oversees pick, pack, and load procedures
  • Engages customers with timely SMS notifications

Customer Service that Works

Using CXBeacons in business shows customers they're valued. Offering immediate support highlights their importance, leading to a standout customer experience in a competitive market.

Inventory Under Control

With CXOrder's integration into Canadian Tire’s Frontier Inventory, stores receive timely insights. It's not just inventory but enhancing the shopper's journey. This boosts sales, optimizes stock, and simplifies orders, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

More High Value Closed Baskets

In today's retail environment, making large purchases can be challenging and trying for shoppers. CXExpedite changes this by managing the entire journey: from selecting items off the shelves, to careful packaging, and all the way to delivery or pick-up.

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At Dynamic CXS, we strive to enable retail staff, not replace them.

We equip retail with the tools to improve customer service while increasing top-line sales

Our products focus on what you value most, offering tailored solutions to your store’s day-to-day operation