How Customers Get Help.


CXBeacons are intelligent help buttons placed that are placed throughout brick and mortar locations to create meaningful interactions. When a Beacon is pressed, staff are notified through an easy to use app.

The intelligent deployment model takes into account staff training, their role in the organization, and the urgence of the request. In doing so, CXBeacons ensures the best available staff are dispatched to the customer.

Easy instore installations

Additional Information

A Solution For All

Whether you're a small shop owner, a quick service restaurant, or a big-box retailer, CXBeacons has the potential to improve both your customer and employee experience

Tailored Pricing

Our team works closely with you to tailor a package that aligns with your specific needs and budget.

Seamless Integration

Integrating CXBeacons is seamless; our team follows a proven process to install buttons and signage, train staff, and provide remote support.

CXBeacons Explained

Watch this video explaining how
CXBeacons deploys the best available staff
while holding your team accountable

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    Introduction to CXBeacons




    Tip: Add a specific note regarding the location being responded to. Could be a sales tip, information regarding warranty, or a simple reminder to lock the showcase

    After claiming the request if the staff member is interrupted on the way, they can delay the request so other members of the team can respond

    Employees first claim a Beacon to measure travel time and then click Arrive upon reaching the customer. Click Arrive to continue.


    Empathetic Service

    CXBeacons understands that waiting is frustrating for everyone. Customer requests are automatically queued and escalated based on the store's model, ensuring a timely response to their needs. By understanding and sharing the feelings of customers, CX Beacons not only addresses their concerns but also make them feel valued and understood throughout their shopping journey.


    Measure Customer Experience

    CXBeacons asks staff at the end of their interaction for the result. Staff are able to provide insights into what is happening with each customer and provide comments that Management can use to improve the store. An example of a few of the options can be seen below

    Product Knowledge

    Out of Stock


    Customer Browsing