Simplifying Warehouse
Pickup, From Start To Finish

In retail, large purchases can be cumbersome. CXExpedite transforms this, managing the entire pick, pack, and load sequence while updating customers via SMS. It’s not just speed—it’s elevating the purchase journey. Let’s expedite your experience.

CXExpedite Fully Streamlines The Process For Both Staff And Customers


When a customer goes to purchase a bulk product, floor staff will initiate an Expedite, setting in motion a coordinated pick, pay, and pickup process. 

Floor staff enter the desired product(s), customer information, and any additional notes; once the request is sent, the customer remains updated on order progress the entire time, through the use of SMS notifications.



Warehouse staff receive the request notification and begin preparing the product(s). Requests can be escalated to managers if staff unable to find the product(s) or only find damaged ones – ensuring customers are served in a timely manner.


Once the order is confirmed, customers receive an SMS notifying them to proceed to checkout. The cashier is provided with all necessary information, including product numbers, quantities, and pickup location. 

After payment, the cashier sends the request to the final step. A follow-up text provides the customer with clear instructions on where to pick up the product. 



Once the customer arrives at the pick-up location, they respond “here” to our SMS. This notifies warehouse staff to meet the customer and load the product(s) into their car. 

Features and supplemental information:

Improving your store – CXEpedite transforms what once was a cumbersome procedure into an efficient and streamlined process.

Roles – Roles Control a user’s abilities in the app. These range from sales staff creating orders, and cashiers processing payment, to warehouse staff picking and loading orders.

Fill Requests – Through the implementation of ”fill requests”, employees can also request to refill an aisle with new stock, bring products to the cash lanes awaiting payment, or have products delivered to department desks.

Pricing – Investing in CXEpedite is a step towards a profitable future. We offer competitive pricing tailored to your store’s needs, ensuring value for every penny spent. Our commitment is to ensure you get maximum returns from our solution.

Integration – Integrating CXEpedite into your store is easy. Our team works closely with your store to create a seamless process, ensuring staff and management are given the tools they need to succeed.